Best Remote Control Helicopter Reviews 2015

Best Remote Control Helicopter Reviews 2015

I’ve always been fascinated with flying in general and I love remote control aircraft, especially helicopters which have always held a special attraction for me ever since I got an Action Man helicopter toy as a child one Christmas. Of course it didn’t actually fly – you couldn’t get stuff like that in those days! – but it sparked my interest in helicopters, something that’s remained in me ever since.

And I’ve now got a lot of experience with radio controlled helicopters so if you’re looking for advice and how to pick the best one to buy, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Remote Control Helicopters

Here I’ve put together some information that I hope might be useful for you to help you choose the best remote control helicopter for you. I took all the information from my years of experience buying and flying my own RC aircraft.

Types Of Remote Control Helicopters

I don’t believe there is one single RC helicopter on the market that is perfect for everyone, since everyone has different skill levels and requirements. So first it is important we take a brief look at the various types of helicopters you can buy.

Coaxial RC Helicopters

If you’re a beginner looking for an easy and cheap introduction to radio control helicoper flying, then coaxial RC helicopters are ideal. They have an inbuilt stability system, basically two rotors one on top of the other, making them very easy to fly and keep in the air even for novice flyers. They do have limited forward air speed though.

Fixed Pitch RC Helicopters

A step up from the coaxial models are the fixed pitch radio control helicopters which have a single rotor and fly much more like a real helicopter than the coaxials. They are also more expensive too. They are called fixed pitch because the main rotors are at a fixed angle. The amount of lift is controlled by varying the speed of the rotors – making them turn faster provides more lift and the helicopter rises. Making them spin slower means less lift.

Collective Pitch RC Helicopters

Finally, there are the collective pitch radio control helicopters. These are effectively the opposite to fixed pitch helicopters in that the engine and hence rotor speed essentially remains constant and the amount of lift is controlled by varying the angle of the main rotors. These are much more difficult to master and it takes a lot of time and practice to learn to fly one well but they offer all the capabilities and fun of real helicopters. Many people join clubs so they can get instruction from experienced RC helicopter pilots.

Remote Control Helicopter Reviews – My Top Picks

I’ve checked out a lot of RC helicopters and picked out the best ones for you to save you some research time and effort.

Syma S107G RC Helicopter with Gyroscopic Control

Gyro helicopters are really easy to fly, making them ideal for beginners. This model has the performance and durability of much more expensive helicopters and is highly recommended as a first RC helicopter.

It is an inexpensive introduction to this great hobby but is well constructed and robust.

Flying Gadgets Large 3 Channel 2.4ghz Remote Control Gyroscope Helicopter

More suitable for intermediate and advanced flyers this is a fantastic large helicopter (81cm x 31cm x 13cm) that is pretty easy to fly and has a built in HD camera that takes great video.

You get about fifteen minutes of flight time from a single charge of the battery and it has great range too.

Plus, it is incredibly robust and takes a lot of punishment.


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