Remote Control Airplanes


Silverlit RC X-Twin Planes Classic Trainer

Easy to fly and control and incredibly robust, this is a great RC airplane for all ages and makes a fantastic first training plane. It can be flown indoors, in a sports hall for example, or outdoors on calm days.

The flight time is about ten minutes, which seems a lot longer when you are actually flying it, and it re-charges straight from the transmitter in under half an hour.

Requires 6 x AA batteries.


Nikko Phoenix Stunt Plane

Easy to fly and constructed from flexible, durable material that makes it incredibly crash resistant, this is a great plane for beginners or young fliers. The wings come off on impact to protect from damage. Simply put them back in and prepare for take off again!

Perform incredible acrobatic stunts with ease.

Runs for about 15 minutes on a single charge. Easy recharging via the hand-held controller. Requires 6xAA batteries.


Silverlit X-Twin Speedy Plus

This great flying plane has four engines and is steered by differential thrust – i.e. by driving one pair of propellers faster than the other.

It is made of impact-resistant light foam to withstand heavy crashes and the four miniature engines means it sounds fantastic in flight.

A fantastic RC plane for either beginners or experts, this plane can be flown outdoors in calm conditions or inside in an empty sports hall, for example.

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Hobbyzone Duet RTF – HBZ5300

This is a fantastic beginner’s plane that makes the learning curve a lot easier. You will be flying in no time with this great little trainer plane.

Lightweight and durable, it can be flown outdoors in light winds and is even suitable for flying in back gardens or indoors.

Take off and landing can be performed either on a smooth runway using the landing gear, or the landing gear can be removed and the plane can be hand launched and belly landed on softer surfaces.

Spin Master Air Hogs Sky Stunt

If you want to perform all kinds of crazy aerobatic stunts then this is the plane for you!

Stalls, corkscrews, loops – this plane can do it all and makes it easy.

Simple to master and with a 300 foot range, now anyone can become a daredevil stunt pilot!

Modelled after agile racing planes, the Spin Master lets you perform gravity-defying stunts at the push of a button.

Requires 6xAA batteries, and suitable for ages 10+.

HobbyZone Delta Ray Plane

Easy to fly and designed for beginner and intermediate flyers, nonetheless this is a good plane for experienced flyers too with its ability to perform advanced acrobatics.

The plane has three learning modes and an anti-crash panic button for if you lose control, although if you are nervouse you can fly it in this fourth anti-crash mode all the time.

The Delta Ray is constructed from impact-resistant and durable foam, even if you crash you can be back in the air in minutes.

HobbyZone Mini Aeronca Champ RTF Plane

Constructed from injection moulded foam, this incredibly durable and crash-resistant plane makes a great first model and is suitable for children.

Very easy to master, this is a great way to learn radio controlled flying.

It can be flown indoors or outdoors in calm conditions.

Super Cub SAFE RTF

Another plane that is ideal for beginners, the Super Cub has inbuild technology that provides three flight modes as your expertise grows, and includes a panic button that returns the plane to stable, level flight immediately when pressed.

A very sturdy and reliable plane, it contains everything you need to start on your path to mastering RC flying.

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky

With great manoeuvrability and great control, this airplane has a built-in camera to allow you to record video footage as you fly.

Sturdily constructed and easy to master this is a great RC airplane that is fun to fly.

Can be flown indoors or outdoors in calm conditions. Takes hundreds of photos or about 5 minutes of video.